Country : Australia
University Name : Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
Course Name : MIS with specialization in BA
Year :Fall 2012
Feedback : “It is my great pleasure to meet Ms Tanya Bector. She has been supporting me in my admission process right from the start, wherever I faced difficulty she was there to find the way out. ‘Career Sorted’ is a place where you have no regrets. You come here and you sort the way out. I am about to shape my future only because of the timely help of Tanya and her staff at ‘Career Sorted’.”
Praveen Maurya
Country : Australia
University Name : The University of New South Wales
Course Name : B.S (Physics with Computing)
Year : Jan 2013
Feedback : “The services here are very appreciable. ‘Career Sorted’ is no doubt has highly expert consultants that I have come across. ‘Career Sorted’ team helped me a lot through the Application and Visa process. UNSW is a very prestigious university and getting there, really means a lot to me. ‘Career Sorted’ is really very helpful for students planning to go abroad. Thank you.”
Jatin Thakkar
Country : United States
University Name : Pace University, Lubin School of Business
Year :Fall 2012
Feedback : “I ‘m happy to inform you that I have been successful in getting visa for Pace University, Lubin School of Business, New York. It is for the able guidance and valuable tips given to me which helped me a lot in preparation for visa interview. The co-operation and support of your staff have also contributed significantly towards my success. Please accept my heart-felt thanks.”
Shradha Almeida
Country :United States
University Name : University of Findlay
Course Name: Bachelors in Sports management
Year :Fall 2013
Feedback : My experience at ‘Career Sorted’ has been really good. All my queries had been taken care of and resolved in least time. The guidance given by ‘Career Sorted’ has been great. Coaching was up to the mark. I have already advised ‘Career Sorted’ to many juniors. Thank you.
Teena Mehta
Country : United States
University Name :Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University
Course Name : MBA
Year :Fall 2012
Feedback : “Firstly, I would like to thank you for helping me with the Bank Certificate by guiding with proper documentation. They helped me with the whole procedure of application which involved search and selection procedure, draft of letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose. The service was very good. Any doubts regarding the application was cleared immediately. Thank You once again for all the help provided.”
Anmol Singh
Country : Canada
University Name :Concordia University
Course Name :Masters of Engineering Buildings
Year : Spring 2013
Feedback : “ Just want to say THANK YOU for your kind guidance and support. You guys were of great help…special thnx to Rakesh Sir for their support.”
Zuber Sheikh
Country : Canada
University Name :Fanshawe College, Canada
Course Name :CPA-Computer Programmer Analyst
Year : Jan 2013
Feedback :”I am very thankful to ‘Career Sorted’ for helping me out and guiding me through the right path for my under graduation in Canada. I found ‘Career Sorted’ team members to be much more help than of any other consultant. Finally I had my dream come true and all this credit goes to ‘Career Sorted’ team. ‘Career Sorted’ Rocks!!
Tanmay Dalvi
Country : United Kingdom
University Name :Portsmouth University
Course Name : Bachelor’s in Business Administration
Year :Fall 2012
Feedback :”First of all my special thanks to the whole team of ‘Career Sorted’. They helped me out in each of my difficulties right from the Admission Process to the VISA. My message to all the students who come here is that have patience and your work will be alright.”
Azhar Bataliwala
Country :United Kingdom
University Name : Holborn College
Course Name : LLM International Trade Law
Year : Fall 2003
Feedback : “Well, I would like to write that ‘Career Sorted’ no doubt was simply superb and 100% supportive. ‘Career Sorted’ supported me at every stage, whenever & wherever I needed. It’s due to ‘Career Sorted’ I‘ve planned to study abroad and again its ‘Career Sorted’ that I‘ve implemented my plans. ‘Career Sorted’ supported me well and that my career/future definitely will be having a strong foundation.”
Zuber Khan
Country : United Kingdom
University Name : Northumbria University
Course Name : BSc (Hons) Computer & Networks Technology
Year : Fall 2004
Feedback : “I am glad to say that ‘Career Sorted’ is really dream maker and the staff is awesome to help. I would like to call ‘Career Sorted’ as DOOR TO SUCCESS. I am honored to say that I am now to fly out to make my career abroad. I would like to thank to the staff again for their kind and honest support. I wish all the best to ‘Career Sorted’ to keep their work on and on for prospective students.”
Dheenal Patel
Country : New Zealand
University Name : The University of Waikato, Hamilton
Course Name : P.G. Diploma in Computer Science
Year : July 2012
Feedback :” The interaction with is fabulous who helped me in every stepping to finalize the entry for studying abroad. I heartily appreciate the extended co-operation from ‘Career Sorted’ and wish them ultimate gain of reputation in their field-truly obliged. Thank You.”
Richa Patel
Country : New Zealand
University Name : Auckland Univeristy
Course Name : MBA
Year : July 2015
Feedback : “I just want to say thank you so much for all the help and support provided by ‘Career Sorted’. ‘Career Sorted’’s the one who has helped me when I literally lost all hope of going to New Zealand as Bank rejected my loan. I am impressed by the services provided by ‘Career Sorted’. Thank you so much for the support and help.”
Debopratibim (Dev) Mandal
Country : Uk
University Name :Middlesex University, UK
Course Name : MA International Tourism Management
Year : September 2010
Feedback : I have been coordinating With ‘Career Sorted’ Consultants for last one year and they helped me in each and every regard from selection of my university to visa approved. They have an awesome team with very helping members. Keep it up! Thank you.
Hersh Jaisingh
Country : Germany
University Name : TU BERLIN
Course Name : Mechanical Engineering
Year : Fall 2013
Feedback : I had a great experience applying the colleges. ‘Career Sorted’ guided me a lot. Applying colleges is a big issue if you are doing it for the first time. ‘Career Sorted’ was helpful & I am really happy to join it ‘Career Sorted’ stands the best GERMANY consultants; they helped me a lot for financial aid application. Thank you so much to everybody who assisted me & guided me when I was stuck in my application.
Kripa Rathod